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Research at Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School uses research and teaching to find sustainable solutions to 21st-century business problems.

Geneva Business School brings together research and teaching to understand and find sustainable solutions to 21st-century business and social problems. Our faculty and students are encouraged to bridge the gap between academia and business practice; using theory and critical perspectives to analyze real-world challenges.

The school places a strong emphasis on maximizing research quality and impact. All research projects undertaken by our faculty are peer-reviewed to ensure that they can deliver and disseminate valuable findings. Taking advantage of our global reach, we actively support projects that involve international collaboration, exchanges, and dialogue.

Our research is divided into six key research areas. You can read more about these on the individual page for each area.

  • Responsible leadership and management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial innovation
  • Digital marketing
  • Global governance and international development
  • Educational development