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Research Groups at Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School currently conducts research in six key areas of modern business:

Geneva Business School currently conducts research in six key areas of modern business:

Responsible leadership and management

Leadership and management is the school’s core research area and directly relates to the institution’s goal of creating the next generation of responsible leaders. Faculty members in this research group are interested in fields such as strategy, HR and talent management and institutional governance.


With campuses spread around the world, the school has tapped into a broad and diverse set of entrepreneurial networks. Through this research group, we encourage knowledge sharing and international collaboration between business creators in different contexts, including start-ups and innovators in existing large companies.

Financial innovation

Geneva Business School began life as an institute for the study of banking and financial innovation remains a fundamental part of our teaching and research agenda. This research group supports faculty working in any area of finance or accounting seeking to develop innovative, sustainable solutions to business problems.

Digital marketing

The rise of digital technologies has fundamentally changed society and this research group seeks to understand these impacts and guide businesses to develop responsible digital marketing strategies. Faculty in this group work in fields such as branding, social media management and sales.

Global governance and international development

The world continues to face severe economic and social challenges. This research group draws on faculty from across our global network of campuses to critically consider ways the business world can contribute to global governance and global development.

Educational development

Geneva Business School is at the forefront of a revolution in learning delivery and this research group includes faculty and staff from across the school who are interested in understanding and improving our approach to education, as well as identifying the key trends that will shape the educational landscape in the coming years.