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Spain Career Day 2020

Discover your purpose and develop your personal branding!

Find your purpose, and build your personal brand!

Our upcoming career day in Madrid will feature Fabiano Defferrari Gomes who will join us for a powerful talk about Purpose-driven leadership: Find your purpose, your ‘why’! The second session will teach you how to create and communicate your personal brand, with Antimo Di Donato.

Session 1 – Purpose-driven leadership: Find your purpose, your ‘why’! This topic aims to understand the challenges and make suggestions for the development of leadership in purpose-driven companies from the perspective of leaders in strategic positions and team members. It is a qualitative study, where 11 Brazilian leaders and 11 team members were interviewed. The interview script was constructed based on the studied theory and 11 categories were defined, from which subcategories emerged. I will address only the challenges and possible proposals and pathways for leadership in the Purpose-driven organizations investigated in Brazil. The two categories are defined as (1) challenges; (2) proposals and pathways, each with eight and five subcategories respectively.

Session 2 – Antimo will take students through the building blocks of building the best brand you can back, yourself! Personal branding is very important when you are going into the global world of business, you need to stand out from the crowd and play your unique strengths to get your ideas heard. Learn more in this practical and deeply useful session.

Do you want to get your CV reviewed by a professional recruiter?

On Career Day, we will also have Agilsa de Jesus, a professional recruiter from Spain reviewing student’s CVs from 16:30h-18:30h.

About the Speakers:

Fabiano graduated in Law and Psychology at PUCRS, is a Professor of DeRose Method, and a specialist in meditation with more than 200 courses in the area since 2001. He also works as a Personal Development Consultant, Purpose-driven educator, a leader, and life coach.

I help people to live an inspired life.

With an MBA in Economics from FGV Porto Alegre and 2 MBAs at UNISINOS (Brazil) and Université de Poitiers (France), Fabiano has been an entrepreneur in the field of education since 2003, as well as a mindset coach of world-class athletes.
An advisor to CEOs and executives in Brazil, Europe, and the United States, he has also traveled as an international public speaker. He also holds a black belt in Karate & a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

Antimo Di Donato has 15 years’ experience, of which 8 years was spent as a team leader, delivering sustainable business impact: a. Building digital strategies, products and propositions through Data & Analytics and Agile capabilities b. Leading innovation and transformations end-to-end, from vision setting to implementation c. Transforming and running services with the adoption of Lean and operational excellence methodologies.

This Career Day will be held virtually via Google Meet

21 October 2020

Fabiano Defferrari Gomes – Find your ‘why’!

14:30 – 15:30

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Antimo Di Donato – Personal Branding

15:30 – 16:30

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