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Spring Semester

Welcoming Students from around the World

International Students

As our Spring Semester kicked off with Welcome Leadership Week, students from across the globe arrived in Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid to get settled in before starting their studies. There were meet & greet sessions, an introduction to the academic journey ahead, a first case study to dive into, plus city tours as well as dinner and drinks. With students from every continent, it’s a truly international environment at Geneva Business School, no matter which campus they study at.


In Geneva, new students arrived from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. As well as being introduced to the campus and the city, students had the opportunity to hear about our unique partnership with WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations).

As Education and Training Associate at WFUNA, Ingrid Garosi presented details of the Advanced Training program to students, where they also have the possibility to gain internships. This is how Ingrid extolled the benefits of the program:

Being surrounded by motivational professionals in the UN provides students with the opportunity to give voice to growth and keep up with innovative ideas within international relations.


In Barcelona, student nationalities ranged from Swedish and French to Indian and Kazakh, to Ivorian and Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese, Mexican and Brazilian. That doesn’t cover every nationality, but it gives an idea of how international we really are.

Whether students are studying for a Bachelors in International Management, a Masters, or an MBA, they receive a warm introduction to life at Geneva Business School. As Student Experience Manager at our Barcelona campus, Paloma Simonpietri thought that Welcome Leadership Week went perfectly:

Students got the chance to get to know each other, take on some challenges and learn about Barcelona. They finished the week interacting with the city through a Questo Escape Game and a memorable Fondue Dinner honoring our Swiss roots!


In Madrid, we had new students coming everywhere from Switzerland and Italy to Chile and Mexico to the UK and the USA. And that is just a few of the countries. As a Masters student from London said:

I’ve met people from Italy, US, UK, Palestine, Latvia. It’s very, very international. It’s like a melting pot and that’s what I love.

For our Latin American contingent, there was also the chance to talk with our Admissions man in Panama, Luis Mendieta, who visited both our Spain campuses. Luis loved seeing how students from around the world mixed with each other and had this to say:

Welcome week vibes and energies were unmatched. Being my first time on both campuses, I felt as welcome as our international students. The experience was energetic and seeing them share and integrate was wonderful.

As part of their welcome to Madrid, students ate traditional tapas and went on a guided tour of the city, including iconic sites such as the filming location of the TV series 'La Casa de Papel' aka 'Money Heist'. Although of course, we guide students to embark on more legal business ventures.

International Community

Whichever city our students choose to study in, they have the chance to switch campuses for a semester. And whatever campus they are based at, they’re welcomed as part of our international community. To get an idea of how truly global we are at Geneva Business School, watch the special episode of our Unfiltered series and hear it from the students themselves.