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The Rising Impact of Athletes of African Descent

Kevin Bahun-Wilson’s dream was to offer African descent athletes a unique media platform to support and inspire the next generation of young athletes & their dreams.

Guest Speaker: Kevin Bahun-Wilson

About the Speaker

In late 2018, Kevin Bahun-Wilson conceptualized and created AFROBALLERS to help highlight the achievements of African athletes. During his finalization of a Ph.D. thesis in mechanical engineering, decided to create a platform for African/African-descent athletes in the NBA, where there is one or more african-descent player per team.

Together with DJ Poizon Ivy, Dallas Mavericks’ resident DJ, their main goal is to grow the AFROBALLERS to become the biggest media platform for African and African descent athletes, giving them a voice, while inspiring people and next-generation African athletes to strive for their dreams.

Kevin Bahun-Wilson: The rising impact of athletes of African descent

23 March 15:00 – 16:30 CET