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Claudia Tridapalli

Faculty & Research Fellow

Responsible Leadership and Management & Educational development Research Group Leader

With a background in Chemical Engineering, Claudia has dedicated most of her career working in multinationals navigating its complexity from technical roles, to strategic management and leadership in areas such as Sustainability, Product Development, Lean Management, and Design for Excellence. More recently, she has added to her skill set and expertise by adding a personal development methodology focusing on improving the work environment, well-being, and performance. 


In the era we live in today, knowing how to manage and filter the amount of information, embracing fast-paced changes while still making conscious decisions can be a challenge. This is what guides her career today. From aiming to bring more awareness of the different impacts of our businesses by applying Sustainability and Circular Economy aspects, or to assist companies to reach more clarity and effectiveness in their processes, and through the application of concepts and techniques that develop our ability to focus, manage our emotions and our stress, Claudia brings improvements to business work environments, teams and individual's performance.


She has a passion for navigating complexity and working with purpose, choosing to focus her career on bringing the next level of Sustainability in business through research, consulting, and teaching, preparing our responsible leaders of the future.



Tridapalli, C.W, Bolton, J. D. (2014). Introduction of Enhanced Cost Function Worksheet for Improved Brainstorming and Value Creation, SAVE International Annual Conference, p21

Weinhold, T. D. S., Bresciani, L. F., Tridapalli, C. W., Yunes, R. A., Hense, H., & Ferreira, S. R. (2008). Polygala cyparissias oleoresin: comparing CO2 and classical organic solvent extractions. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 47(1), 109-117.

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